Friday, August 7, 2009

OMSG Camping Weekend 2009

The Ottawa Medieval Sword Guild (OMSG) hosted their 7th annual camping weekend, on the farms of John Woods and Matt McKee in Spencerville, south of Ottawa during the long weekend from Friday, July 31 to Monday, August 3rd. The weekend featured the usual activities archery, bonfires, large amounts of libations and a pig-roast banquet on the
Maestro Sean Hayes, Northwest Academy of Arms, Oregon, USA, wearing his armour worn at the armoured pas d'armes during the camping weekend.
Saturday evening. The event was attended by David M. Cvet (who traveled in from Nova Scotia), Ariella Elema, Igal Lelchuk, Brian McIlmoyle and Aldo Valente all from the AEMMA Toronto. Also attending and participating during this weekend, was Maestro Sean Hayes from NorthWest Academy of Arms, from Eugene, Oregon, USA.

This year's event included three new features. A Viking re-enactment and fighting group called "Scallagrims" from Toronto were on hand on Friday and Saturday. They participated in the class delivered by Sean, and also demonstrated their fighting Saturday afternoon. To add, they entertained all present during the evening after the banquet around the bonfire, a demonstration of fire acts, including fighting with swords in flames.

The appellants having been awarded their pas d'armes medalions. L-R: Sean Hayes, David M. Cvet, Brian McIlmoyle, Aldo Valente
Another feature was the pas d'armes organized by OMSG's Herald and armoured combatant, Mat Ravignat. The rules were based on the tournament rules employed by AEMMA in Toronto at the tournaments held at the Royal Ontario Museum. With some minor adjustments to the rules, the tournament was a huge success and will be integrated into future OMSG camping weekends as a new tradition. The appellants were David, Brian, Aldo and Sean Hayes. Sean demonstrated excellent armoured fighting skills and all spectators were suitably impressed with his abilities.
Mat Ravignat, OMSG Herald and armoured combatant organized the pas d;armes.
The defendants included OMSG's Chris Penney, Dan Sellars, Matt McKee, John Woods and "Nic" from Scallagrims, who wore Anton's gear and fought on the defendants' side. At the conclusion of the pas d'armes, each of the appellants were awarded a pas d'armes medalion, as well as the defendants. All fighters had an excellent time crossing swords, daggers, spears, poleaxes during this armoured challenge.

To add to the events of the weekend, was a Free Scholler test for OMSG's Chris Penney. The test was scheduled on Monday, and the panel included David, Brian and Aldo from AEMMA Toronto, Anton from OMSG and a special guest member of the panel, Maestro Sean Hayes. Chris proceeded to demonstrate his knowledge and skills of Fiore dei Liberi's manuscript from beginning to end,
A pair of combatants from Scallagrims demonstrating sword and shield fighting.
clearly showing his intimacy with the works of Fiore. At the end of the 1.5 hour test, the panelists all agreed that Chris was worthy of the rank of Free Scholler. Chris was awarded the gold garter, the symbol of Free Scholler at AEMMA. By tradition, when a Chapter or Associate Group creates a Free Scholler, the founder of the group, in this case, Anton Cvet, is then conveyed the title of Provost by the Provosts of AEMMA.

For more photos of the event, visit the AEMMA website by clicking here.