Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Destreza: a reintroduction to Spanish swordsmanship

Maestro Ramón Martinez of the Martinez Academy in New York, will be coming to AEMMA to give a weekend workshop on Spanish Swordsmanship, la Verdadera Destreza, at the Fighting Arts Collective on Dupont St, May 14-15th. This workshop will pick up where the last workshop left off after last year's workshop in April, 2010, and as such, it will be generally reserved for three kinds of students of the art: 1) those who took the workshop last year, 2) those who are currently taking Italian rapier, and 3) those who have done Dall'Agocchie, or are currently in the Spanish study group on Wednesday nights. If you would like to attend but do not fit into one of those three categories, contact AEMMA.

The fencing equipment required will give people a good idea of what will be covered over the weekend. Without exceptions, all participants must have the following gear:

  1. rapier,

  2. fencing mask,

  3. fencing jacket or gambeson (a sweatshirt, sweater, regular jacket is NOT an acceptable substitute),

  4. leather gloves,

  5. gorget is highly recommended,

  6. 16th/17th century dagger for rapier, as a good chunk of the time will be spent with sword and dagger.

If you do not possess any one of the above items, and are not currently in the pursuit of them, contact AEMMA immediately so we can set some equipment aside. AEMMA has three rapiers which can be released on loan for the workshop, including up to two daggers.

The cost for the weekend will be $125, and AEMMA will require a $60 deposit by the end of this month (31st of March) to reserve your spot.

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