Friday, August 22, 2008

Smith's Cove Swordsmanship Training

It is without a doubt, a story which has garnished much interest in the press and television network during the summer's swordsmanship training in the tiny community of Smith's Cove near Digby, Nova Scotia. The training course delivered by David M. Cvet of the Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts or AEMMA was patterned after the introduction to swordsmanship offered by AEMMA through the Royal Ontario Museum, but with extensions that introduced some basic concepts and foundations with respect to "abrazare" and "daga" fighting styles.

The student count was 7 regular, with a periodic visit from one or two other individuals during the summer curious about what the training was all about. The students themselves have appeared in the spotlight in the small town of Digby, with such comments from the public they've received like "hey, you're that sword guy on the TV!".

Given the success of this experiment in measuring the interest locally, the residents of Digby County can expect to see a repeat of the training and possibly additional or more advanced offerings during the summer of 2009.

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Brian Joudrey said...

Having had the chance to be a part of David's class for the summer has been a fascinating experience and I know that we are all looking forward to what next year's offerings may bring. Also, for anyone that's ever been greeted as "that sword guy on TV," you certainly have to appreciate the uniqueness of the opportunity.

The classes are well organized and interesting. They incorporat learning new techniques and drills to enforce the learning of techniques and their integration into the whole picture. It's topped off wtih a contextual history lesson that helps the aspiring student to be able to practice the arts as they would have been in the fourteenth century.

I've thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the program and I will return enthusiastically next year. Those of us who have taken this year's classes are even taking about meeting over the winter so that we don't get too rusty prior to David's return.

Thanks for putting this program on!

dieter jilge said...

Dieter Jilge, Upper Granville, Nova Scotia.
I got interestet in medieval swordfighting techniques and history back in Germany 5 years ago.After taking a few hours of training we moved back to Canada and I thought its over and done with swordplay..
But then I've met David Cvet after I read a newspaper article about his courses and joint right in. That was THE highlight of the year for me! Davids class is organized, safe and supervized in a professional manner.I admire Davids swordfighting and historic skills and knowledge.He is a true inspiration that kept me going.I'm looking forward for next years classes.
Well done, David !
August 22/08

Mark said...

Great way to hone hand to hand skills along with the much neglected footwork .

The swords don't hurt either .

Well , unless you get hit .