Sunday, December 14, 2008

Aaron out ranks himself!

Aaron Bolarinho, who's had a passion for medieval fighting arts since he was 16 and who has been training with AEMMA since 2005 challenged for the rank of Scholler earlier this year, and proved
Aaron fencing his 10th bout during the test, presently fencing with Free Scholler Kelly Rekuta
himself worthy of the rank of Scholler as a result of the Scholler test held Sunday, December 14th 2008. Spectators on hand to witness this event included his parents, and friends of his from the University of Toronto and other recruits training at the Academy.

He faced 9 Schollers and 2 Free Schollers, including his previous instructor, David B. Murphy who instructs in Guelph - the test being presided by Brian McIlmoyle and David Cvet. The test was long and gruelling. He was first tested on his knowledge of the art described by Friulian
Provosts Brian McIlmoyle and David M. Cvet both attentive in observing and assessing Aaron's skills and abilities during the fencing bouts
swordsmaster Fiore dei Liberi, combative theory and techniques. He was able to adequately demonstrate his skills developed over the years on the various grappling, dagger and sword techniques. Following this first portion of the test, all schollers and free schollers to fence prepared themselves for the fencing bouts with Aaron. Aaron would challenge with either arming sword or longsword, and the schollers and free schollers would comply. He fought admirably against all those he challenged for the rank. All of the schollers, free schollers and provosts then retired to the armoury for diliberation on
A lonely figure of a man sitting on a stool in the middle of the salle d'armes, in contemplation of his performance, awaiting the results of the deliberation of the schollers, free schollers and provosts at the conclusion of the test in private, in AEMMA's armoury
whether or not Aaron should be awarded the prize of Scholler. Once the testing group re-formed the circle, with Aaron in its centre, he was conveyed the title of Scholler by principle instructor and provost, Brian McImoyle, and was awarded the traditional symbol of the rank of Scholler, a rondel dagger, presented to Aaron by AEMMA president and provost, David M. Cvet.

As tradition dictates, all would retire to the Armoury, where the newly created Scholler would show his thanks and gratitude to his new peers by providing significant amounts of libations for the pleasure of all those who participated in the test.
Being congratulated by all fencers and fighters for his successfully achieving the rank of Scholler, and awarded the traditional Scholler rondel dagger

Congratulations to Aaron for his well earned rank of Scholler!

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