Wednesday, September 23, 2009

AEMMA on Discovery HD

A shot of a portion of the filming depicting Dieter Jilge on the left, and David M. Cvet on the right.
Photo credit: John DeMings, Digby Courier
David M. Cvet and four of the students engaged in AEMMA training in Nova Scotia, assisted in the filming of a documentary for M5 Productions Inc., "M5-Weapons of War", a mini-series scheduled for Discovery HD. The filming was done at the Smiths Cove residence of David Aug 23-25 for a series of out door shots and action, and Saturday, Aug 26, at Rebeka Hall, Bear River. The students involved in the filming include Dieter Jilge, Robert Wilkinson, Mark Amirault and Jurgen Griegoschewski.

The weather during the outdoor shoot was completely cooperative, however, rain set in on Saturday, but this was not a problem, given the shoot was scheduled for indoors on that day. The days were long, ending with dinner at the local restaurant "Boardwalk Cafe" in Digby. The expected scheduled for airing is sometime this coming winter.

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