Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Looking forward in 2010

There is always something going on at AEMMA, with projects, papers, new ideas in training, events, and so forth. 2010 will be no different as the year unfolds, and things continue to develop. Kel continues to interface with the public schools in the GTA, providing the students at the schools, a practical look at arms and armour of the medieval period, evaporating the many incorrect perceptions and historical data.

Training continues to evolve, looking at expanding the training regimen with the inclusion of drills or "sequenza". Although, in the early formative days of AEMMA, drills were created oriented towards German longsword, and were called "folgen". However, new interest in developing drills, focused on one or two attributes of fencing appears to be making traction in the AEMMA environment. The design of the drills, at least initially, appear to be incorporating Fiore's foundations, with gioco largo plays and leveraging some details of Vadi in their design. If anything, they are fun to do, in particular, when the speed of the exchanges are ratcheted up.

It was a great disappointment that the ROM has terminated the hosting of the annual "pas d'armes" or tournament. It appears that the issue has to do with insurance risks with respect to the spectators. AEMMA does plan to approach the ROM, providing sounds arguments in favour of them lifting the "ban" and returning the event to the ROM.

In the next Medieval Symposium, organized by the Friends of the Medieval Studies Society of the Royal Ontario Museum, scheduled for Saturday, April 27, 9-5pm at the ROM, look for our very own Ariella Elema, who will be delivering a lecture on medieval fighting arts. Check with the ROM website to register to attend this symposium.

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