Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Break @ the ROM

Since 2003, AEMMA has been delivering programs for the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) which includes annual static and dynamic displays and presentations during the March Break, to individual programs and lectures such as "How a man shall be armed in the 14th century" to classes including introduction to medieval swordsmanship, Italian rapier and medieval longbow.

This year is no different, with the conclusion of the Italian rapier classes, AEMMA will be participating once again in the March Break activities on and between March 14 - 18th. However, this year will be slightly different, in that static displays of arms and armour will not be included, but visitors and children will be treated to the usual plethora of medieval interests and activities including medieval dance, falconry and an interactive presentation of "How a man shall be armed in the 14th century" daily at 2pm.

However, the really big "production" is scheduled on the weekend of October 1 & 2, whereby, in partnership with the ROM, a medieval festival weekend entitled "The Field of the Feast of Archangels: A Fall Mediaeval Fair" which will be featuring medieval falconry and hunting, heraldry, and a historically authentic pas d'armes (armoured tournament) on the Saturday, and an unarmoured tournament on Sunday. A truly activity packed weekend for all to witness and experience the medieval period. Details are being worked out, and look forward to more information and brochures on that weekend distributed during March Break.

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