Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bow Making Course returns in 2012!

The ever popular bow making course, instructed by Paul Micallef returns with its first instance this month, beginning on Jan 22nd for 6 weeks, concluding Saturday, Feb 25. The first three classes fall on the Sundays, Jan 22 & 29, Feb 5th, with the final three classes on the three consecutive Saturdays beginning with Feb 11 through to the 25th.

The course details:
  • the course consists of six classes; each class is 2 hours long
  • includes detailed instruction with lots of individual coaching
  • students must supply: a spokeshave, a round file, and sandpaper
  • no previous woodworking experience is needed
  • students can complete a longbow valued at over $200 retail
  • students will also learn how to make traditional bowstrings
Course fee: $200, which includes all materials, Registration and payment of fees (cash or cheque only) will take place just before the first class.

For more information on the course or to register, contact Paul Micallef with

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