Friday, January 2, 2009

Maritime training...

During the summer of 2008, David M. Cvet of AEMMA, Toronto started up an eight-week training program in Smiths Cove, near Digby, NS. Students local to Digby and the Cove attended the training throughout the summer, which concluded with a bar-b-que at David's residence in the Cove.However, due to the interest and desire to continue training, the group coordinated a practice at the Digby Elementary School to review the basics of Fiore, and when David is visiting the Cove, arrangements are made with the school to provide their gym to allow for periodic AEMMA training.

The class structure is similar to the structure used in Toronto, except that each class will start off with some dagger or grappling alternating each class, concluding with arming sword. Due to the somewhat irregular training during the winter months, this form of structure covers much material and appears to work.

The photos above depict the gymnasium located at the Digby Elementary School in Digby. The school principle was kind enough to offer us the space in exchange for the presentation of "How a man shall be armed" delivered earlier in the fall of 2008.

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