Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So You Want To Fight in Armour.....

As students of Western Historical Martial Arts it is, for many, a desirable extension, or sometimes the ultimate goal, to train and fight in an accurate, period appropriate medieval harness (suit of armour). AEMMA Scholler Matt Brundle began training in armizare some years ago and the thought of fighting in harness was of immediate interest. Fighting in armour may very well be the hook which drags one into the study of Western Martial Arts. AEMMA's purpose academically is to study historical text to come to a more complete understanding of the medieval armoured combat. Training these techniques with historically accurate equipment is an essential part of this study. Matt has written some thoughts on the acquisition of harness for the purpose of training for foot combat with steel blunts with reputable training partners and instructor/s oriented to those who are considering taking the path towards armoured combat.

The several points which Matt covers in which he believes are the salient ones pertaining to the process of putting together harness and to begin getting ready to train with it.
1. Be clear about your intent
2. Develop a Vision
3. Research, Research, Research
4. Budget
5. Repair and the DIY of Armour
6. Avoid The Impulse Buys

He then proceeds to discuss on one's preparation to train in harness. The points raised are:
1. Conditioning
2. Helmet Time

If one decides to embark on this journey, one is about to enter a truly superb community of individuals. The demands, intellectual, academic and physical are substantial. However, the rewards are nothing short of awesome. It feels terrific to have assembled a complete, working harness. Training and fighting in armour with authentic medieval techniques and authentic equipment and weapons is a unique experience and adds another, truly excellent dimension to one's study of the Historical Western Martial Arts. For a complete version of this article, click "So You Want to Fight in Armour...".

Matt Brundle
Scholler, AEMMA

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