Monday, August 30, 2010

Swinging Swords in Digby, NS

On a hot and sunny afternoon, on Sunday, August 28th at the bandshell next to the Digby Wharf, swords were swinging, arms and armour were on display, depicting a little piece of historical martial arts by the AEMMA NS Chapter. The spectators were treated to something quite unique for this little fishing town near the coast of the Bay of Fundy.

The presentation included a weapons display table, depicting the various training weapons used by the Chapter, including spears, poleaxes, swords and daggers. The volunteers included AEMMA NS students (L-R) Jurgen Griegoschewski, D. Jeremy Walsh, Timothy Simms, Robert Wilkinson and Dieter Jilge. Dieter's wife Marion also volunteered to help out with the event. Demonstrations began with a brief look at the three styles trained, beginning with "abrazare" (grappling), "daga" (dagger) and "spada" (sword). Various drills executed with efficiency by the students dazzled the spectators. This first part of the presentation concluded with a number of cuts with a sharp arming sword, using "HFTs" or Human Facsimile Targets composed of rolled tatami mats, having been soaked in water overnight. The image on the right depicting Jurgen preparing to take a cut at the target.

Following the demonstration of the fighting art, David delivered the popular "How a man shall be armed in the 14th century", donning his complete harness, suitably impressing the spectators. This generated a number of questions from the spectators and concluded with a photo opportunity whereby photos with the "knight" were made with donation of funds for the AEMMA NS Chapter by those taking the photos. David, accompanied with "Lady Marion" did a walk-about in the town of Digby, terrorizing the locals concluding the demonstrations of the day. Click here to view a short youtube video on the walkabout.

All in all, a fun and successful presentation. AEMMA wishes to thank the volunteers for taking the time out of their busy weekend to participate in the event.

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