Tuesday, September 7, 2010

End-of-summer BBQ in Smiths Cove, NS

The AEMMA NS Chapter's 3rd annual BBQ celebrating the end of summer, hosted by David at their summer residence in Smiths Cove, was an afternoon and evening of good cheer and lots of fun. The afternoon began with the boys playing with a throwing spear. David's wife, Gail retrieved a large pumpkin from the target, providing a much more challenging target for the spear throws. David, after numerous attempts, nailed the pumpkin, whereas, Dieter nailed the target post.

This was followed by archery, which included a number of different archery styles, including longbow, recurve, compound and crossbow. This took up the rest of the afternoon till the BBQ itself. The students and their wives, brought great food contributing to a well stocked dinner, of burgers, sausages, potato salad and other salads and great lemon marange pie created by Rob himself!

The day continued into the evening with a fireside, with the firepit blazing, and more libations well into the late evening. Despite the rather wet weekend produced by "Earl", the BBQ materialized and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. A number of selected videos can be seen by visiting the AEMMA youtube channel by clicking here.

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